Cats’ sociability depends on nature, environment

Domestic cats’ sociability levels vary from highly independent to strongly attached to people, depending on factors including the cat’s genetics and past experience as well as the person’s age and gender. Research also shows that cats are not friendly to people solely as a means to get food and do not maintain bonds with people who do not stroke or speak to them.The Conversation (U.S.) (5/10)

so not sure how our kitty Benjamin Porch Cat got to be so “kissy” – he constantly has to be petted, kissed, snuggled and he gives us kisses and loves. Totally dependent and is a constant companion. He was a stray who adopted us, was severely ill, and I guess chose the right porch to camp out on. Had a big “sucker” sign I guess hanging over it. He’s a wonderful cuddly cat, but has extreme nightmares and wakes us up with them. Whatever happened to him while he was a kitten/stray – its like PTSD. He thrashes, vocalizes, even ends up throwing himself off the bed or lap. We thought with time they’d get better, but he has several a night. Needs reassurance after he wakes up from one of these.

He never read the cat book about being aloof or independent. thank goodness.


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