Bunnies are cute, but they are not easy-care pets

This holds true for so many pets. Actually all pets require care – and always more than what is told to a potential owner at the point of sale. Do your homework before you get a pet. Talk to a rescue first. They are better at describing all the care, diet, veterinary needs. In some polls ferrets are third-most-popular, but I think rabbits and ferrets numbers are probably about equal. In this are, I think there are more ferrets.

Rabbits are the third-most-popular pet in the US and also the third-most abandoned, in part because many people do not realize that they can live 10 to 12 years and have other needs that set them apart from goldfish and hamsters, says Anne Martin, executive director of the House Rabbit Society. Rabbits’ medical care can be more expensive than for other pets; they need ample exercise; they can be aggressive; and, as prey animals, they do not typically like to be held.National Geographic online (4/12)

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