Oklahoma city Zoo vets are treating juvenile elephant for herpes

The Oklahoma City Zoo’s 18-month-old Asian elephant named Achara is recovering from the elephant herpes virus that killed her sister Malee last year, and the veterinarians who cared for her are helping advance efforts to develop a vaccine. Veterinarian Jennifer D’Agostino said all adult elephants carry the virus, and they often pass it to calves through physical contact, but animals like Achara may benefit from protective maternal antibodies.KWTV-TV (Oklahoma City) (10/2)


Remember that the herpes virus Malee died from came from Chai, the poor Woodland Park Zoo elephant they sent there, knowing that transmission was a probability since Malee was (I think) only 4 years old. They still have Bamboo from Woodland Park Zoo who is not thriving. (She has been reported as having wounds inflicted by the other elephants. I am still not happy that the WPZ elephants were sent there. )

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