Oklahoma city zoo to get elephant herpes virus test equipment

Now they need to do a better job period taking care of their elephants. Chai from Woodland Park Zoo carried herpes virus (her own calf Hansa died from it) and they introduced her to their herd with young elephants, and of course one of them died from the new strain Chai introduced. This was predictable! Use the $25,000 for better veterinary care and observations of the herd.

And now Bamboo, the other from WPZ has suffered injuries and has been picked on by the resident herd. She is an older elephant and has always had more of a temperamental personality, but I am tired of reading about medical problems with the elephants there. Bamboo does not sound happy. In my opinion it was a terrible decision to send Chai and Bamboo to Oklahoma. Chai died from infection, emaciation, and having been at WPZ when she arrived from Thailand in 1980, was there for her introduction at WPZ, and having had interactions with Bamboo and Watoto (the African Elephant), I was very upset when I read about Chai’s death, the necropsy results: it was preventable!!

Getting the expensive test equipment for Herpes virus is after the fact now. They know their elephants have various strains. And Herpes virus continues to be a major cause of mortality of young elephants in zoos.

Item from Animal Health Smartbriefs:

After one of their elephants died before a herpes virus infection could be definitively diagnosed, Oklahoma City Zoo officials decided to purchase polymerase chain reaction technology to allow for more rapid testing than sending blood samples to Washington, D.C., for analysis. The $25,000 machine allows for more rapid, potentially lifesaving treatment.The Wichita Eagle (Kan.)/The Associated Press (9/26)

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