CDC study quantifies dangers of raccoon feces

Baylis stays in soil for a very long time. Wear surgical-type gloves under regular garden gloves when gardening where you know there have been raccoons. Pets may pick this up too – usually you will see neurologic signs. This has been seen in pet rabbits housed outdoors – especially if they have been grazing where raccoons have left feces.

A CDC study notes an uptick in reported cases of Baylisascaris procyonis, a zoonotic roundworm infection acquired by ingesting contaminated raccoon feces that can cause nausea, lethargy, an enlarged liver, muscle control problems, blindness, coma and other symptoms. It can be fatal if it migrates into the brain. Young children and impaired adults are most at risk, but education about avoiding contact with wild animals and practicing good hygiene can help reduce disease (9/12)


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