Temporarily avoiding the dog park could save your puppie’s life

Kansas State University veterinarian Susan Nelson says owners of puppies should avoid the dog park and other areas where groups of dogs gather until their pets have received the entire “puppy series” of vaccines. Until then, young dogs are not protected from parvovirus, a frequently fatal infection. Puppies receive vaccines every three to four weeks beginning around 6 to 8 weeks old and ending around 14 to 16 weeks old to ensure their own immune systems — and not their mother’s circulating antibodies — are protecting them against disease. PhysOrg.com (6/15)

This also goes for ferrets being taken out side or to visit pet stores. Most have never finished their baby series because the pet store that sells them usually says “they’ve had their shots” when in fact they received one vaccination at the time of neuter/spay 5 weeks of age and they are due for a complete series ending after 14 weeks of age. Distemper can be fatal. Get the vaccine series and then if you must socialize your ferrets with others outside the house.

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