Electric eel zaps neurons of its prey

From Nature Dec 11, 2014 pg 147

The electric eel stuns its fish prey by emitting electrical pulses that control parts of the nervous system of its victim.

Kenneth Catania at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN studied the behavior and electricl discharges of an el (Electrophorus electricus) when it was presented with fish in an squarium. He found that the eel’s shocks immobilize the fish by activating nerves controlling the muscles, causing them to contract throughout the fish’s body even when the fish’s brain and spinal cord were destroyed. Then the fish was hidden, the eel sent out two quick pulses, causing the fish to twitch, followed soon by a high-voltage zap and an attack.

The results show how the electric eel can remotely control its prey. Science 346, 1231-1234 (2014)

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