Pets are a threat to consumer electronics

This is adapted from a news brief from the September issue of Trends Magazine (AAHA).

The next time your dog or cats comes into the room you may want to be sure your tables, smart phone and other electronics are put where the pet can’t get to them. A new survey from warranty provider SquareTrade estimates that pet-related accidents have damaged more than 8 million electronic devices at a cost of $3billion to Americans.

According to the survey, the majority (2/3) of the accidents occur when pets decide to chew their owner’s gadgets. Another 21% of accidents take place when pets induce their owners to drop the devices they are using. The third-most common–and the messiest–disaster happens when pets vomit or urinate on devices, which approximatley one out of six pet owners experience, the survey said.

The survey highlight several subgroups of pets that are more likely to damage devices, including: male pets, overweight pets, overprotective or disgruntled pets, pets that sleep in the owner’s bed, pets that right in the owner’s lap in the car. In addition to standard precautionssuch as keeping electronics out of the pets’ reach and using protective cases for devices, SquareTrade recommends that pet owners try to reduce animals interest in their gadgets by giving them ample attention, training, exercise.

Not covered by the survey is ferret ownership. Ferrets are notorious for steeling remotes, ipods, phones, etc. Especially if they have rubberized type cases. My guess would be that ferret owners have experienced ferret-damage to electronics and/or their “protective” gear. Bird owners also may have experienced damage due to birds curiosity and propensity to chew and break objects they deem interesting.

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