Heat emitter short circuit

Had a large ceramic heat emitter short out this morning. Blew the circuits for the back room, and the back wall that our fridge and freezer are attached to. The heat emitter had been in service for 6 months, and was noticed this morning to not be hot. When I tried to manipulate the emitter in the clamp fixture , it sent a spark out the fixture and blew the circuits. We had it on a surge protector which obviously didn’t work right either. Needless to say I got acquainted with the circuit box only to find it wasn’t well-labeled. Point here is to become familiar with your circut box before you ever need it and have the circuits labeled correctly.

Luckily its warm in the room where the tortoises are so the heat isn’t critically needed. Worse comes to worse we’ll move them to another room temporarily. I’m hoping that the surge didn’t blow the large uvB bulb.

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