Baby Ferrets

Adopting a baby ferret is like getting a perpetual 2 yr old kid. They are so active, so cute, and need potty training. Baby ferrets (kits) in pet stores really have not completed their baby shots despite pet stores saying “they’ve had all their shots”. Distemper vaccinations go at 8, 11, and 14 weeks of age. Rabies should be 12-18 weeks. Deslorelin (Suprelorin F) implant at 18-22 weeks (ideal). Kits also need to be checked for ear mites and intestinal parasites, particularly coccidia. New owners need to be reminded that getting a puppy, kitten, or kit requires some annual vaccinations and parasite control. This includes flea prevention. There should also be a plan in place on how to introduce the new member of the family to the existing animals.

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