Implants or monthly Lupron?

The deslorelin (Suprelorin-F) implant puts out a chemical, a synthetic GNRH analogue that blocks sex steroid production. Lupron (leuprolide acetate depot formulation) does the same thing, but has to be administered monthly. There are 2 and 3 month lupron depots available for humans. In my study years ago in intact ferrets, the 2 month lupron only worked for 30-45 days, and the 3 month lupron gave us 45-60 days. As cost is huge for these formulas, I haven’t used them since I don’t think there is an advantage. The Suprelorin-F works for a year, so  for some ferrets that is preferable to a monthly lupron shot. In older ferrets, the implant may not be as cost effective because they may not live out the year. Morbid way of thinking about it – but in many oldsters, in my opinion, we just stay with the monthly lupron. But we have options now for working with adrenal disease.

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