Monthly Archives: April 2013

Calming formula

I am working on a nutraceutical/herbal oral formula to calm birds and mammals. So far it seems to decrease anxiety and aggressive behaviors, quiet screeching birds, yet they are very much awake and appetite seems to have increased. No more fighting with toys. It may help with a number of behavior dilemmas to calm our pets. If you have a pet that is experiencing aggression, anxiety, over vocalizations, feather damaging behaviors this formula may help. I would need to do a physical examination and good history behavior profile before we decide if you pet would benefit from this. Please call for an appointment 425-821-6165

Implants or monthly Lupron?

The deslorelin (Suprelorin-F) implant puts out a chemical, a synthetic GNRH analogue that blocks sex steroid production. Lupron (leuprolide acetate depot formulation) does the same thing, but has to be administered monthly. There are 2 and 3 month lupron depots available for humans. In my study years ago in intact ferrets, the 2 month lupron only worked for 30-45 days, and the 3 month lupron gave us 45-60 days. As cost is huge for these formulas, I haven’t used them since I don’t think there is an advantage. The Suprelorin-F works for a year, so  for some ferrets that is preferable to a monthly lupron shot. In older ferrets, the implant may not be as cost effective because they may not live out the year. Morbid way of thinking about it – but in many oldsters, in my opinion, we just stay with the monthly lupron. But we have options now for working with adrenal disease.