February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is a good month to have your pet’s teeth checked. While the entire mouth can be checked easily in a ferret with the ferret awake, a full oral examination in a rabbit or rodent will need to have the animal sedated. We recommend a dental check up and teeth cleaning this month for all ferrets (particularly those over the age of 3 years. We recommend a full dental examination for rabbits with the short faces, lop breeds, and dwarf breeds this month – a sedative is given to facilitate the examination (so we can see the cheek teeth—molars). This is similar idea to human dentistry that they call “sedation dentistry (although the drug used is different). In some cases dental xrays may need to be taken to look at the root structure and viability of the teeth themselves.

 Hedgehogs also can develop dental disease and do require sedation for examination of the entire mouth. We recommend this be done annually for all over the age of 3 years on at least an annual basis.

 Oral health is vital to overall health, so let’s start with the dental exam. Please call for your appointment today.

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