Fleas are an indoor pet problem this time of year. That is in large part because pets can bring them into the house, or the fleas invade trying to get out of the cold. Unless we have extended periods of freezing, populations can still be in the environment. Infestations on ferrets, rabbits, and other small mammals are usually traced to the dog(s) or cat (s) in the household for bringing them inside.

The key to successful flea control is to treat all mammals in the house, establish a schedule of mechanical elimination (such as vacuuming, changing bedding), and chemical topicals on the pets. There are a number of topical preparation for use – dosage for ferrets, rabbits and others can be prescribed. We use feline Advantage-Multi here at the clinic, and that is what I use on my cat at home. I avoid Frontline-Top Spot simply because it has caused some problems used on rabbits. Revolution is another common treatment and has been used on rabbits and ferrets successfully. Please consult your veterinarian to help design a flea control program for your home.

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