For Dog Owners: Parvovirus Outbreak

ACCES (Emergency & Critical Care Service) reports that currently there is an outbreak of parvovirus in dogs in the greater Seattle area. They are recommending:

1. There is currently a community wide outbreak of Parvovirus

2. They have seen several animals in the Seattle and Renton clinics with the virus

3. Please monitor your dog for signs of vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy.

4. This strain of the virus has been affecting some vaccinated animals, so even if your dog has been well-vaccinated, if it is showing signs, have him or her checked out.

5. If your pet is showing these signs, have him or her seen by your regular veterinarian and tested for Parvovirus

6. Minimize your dog’s contact with other dogs during this time.

7. If your dog is not ill, call your veterinarian and discuss whether an additional booster witha Parvo vaccine might be advisable if your dog has had recent possible exposure, even if your dog is up to date on vaaccines (they are advising that all dogs that have been in their facilities in the past 2 weeks get a booster). If you dog is not up to date: get an immediate booster!

They do not want to cause any sort of panic about this, but as they don’t know yet how widespread the outbreak is, it is better to be safe than sorry when it is to protect your dog.

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